Ngulik ML Injector APK 9.0 Download Latest (Official) 2023

Ngulik ML Injector APK is a multi-functional tool for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The best competitor for Mobile Layla because these both are similar in most of the cases and also I don’t recommend using Ngulik ML all features since there are some disadvantages while using them. I will discuss the complete details below.

Coming to the Mobile Legends game is currently the most popular one in the gaming industry. Since it is a MOBA style android game, the users are frequently playing with their friends. Supports 5v5 and can able to play online against real human opponents. So, it will be a lot of fun when it comes to controlled characters.

Heroes are a major advantage of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Yes, these characters have some really cool skins which are of course not for free. However, users of this ML Injector APK can get them for free of cost and here is the official guide to downloading the apk file for your android device.


What is Ngulik ML Injector APK?

Ngulik ML Injector is a simple tool that consisting dozens of useful tweaks for Mobile Legends users. Yeah, it has all the valuable resources that will be helpful in your next game and premium stuff is another attractive thing that you would surprise of.

Well, what does it offer? Let me give you a brief introduction to this android app. It is developed by one of the YouTube creators and the developer’s name is Bahran Kemal. Indeed, the app was developed based on the requests made by his YouTube subscribers.

Ngulik ML Injector is mainly used to make tweaks in Mobile Legends. Includes, Skins of the Heroes, Drone Map View (up to 7x), and Some UI edits like analog changes, recall effects, background effects, elimination effects and more.

Pretty impressive app for the people who want to win the battle with tricks.

Version Info

NameNgulik ML Injector
DeveloperBahran Kemal
Size15 MB
Updated onJanuary 01, 2023

Download Ngulik ML Injector APK Latest Version for Android

The APK size is very less compared to our free skins app because NGULIK ML uses an online service that works in real-time. If the user requests a skin to unlock on mobile legends, then a request will create on the server and send the item to the users. This works the same as the Mobile Layla for android devices.

That is the main reason for the smaller size and we will also follow the same method soon for our REBORN IMOBA android app.

By the way, this is one of the official sources for downloading NGULIK ML Injector APK and you will get the updates from the developer directly.

No Password

Skins we offer

We will update here when new skin is added.

Popol and KupaNanaGord


  • Drone View – See from the sky.
  • Up to 7x zoom – Yes, you heard it right. You can apply zoom like 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x and 7x.
  • Analog style – Change analog style.
  • Change recall effects.
  • Change Eliminate effects.
  • Change background of lobby and more.
  • Change borders.
  • Change battle kill effects.
  • Small Ngulik ML Injector APK size and it doesn’t occupy more space.
  • Well optimised app.
  • Simple UI.
  • Update notifications.

How to Install Ngulik ML Injector APK on Android?

Step 1. Download Ngulik ML Injector APK from this official page.

Step 2. Once you see the downloaded notification, tap on that.

Step 3. Here, you can face some security warning which allows you to install from unknown sources.

Step 4. Go to the settings and enable unknown sources manually.

Step 5. Now, tap on the APK file again and install NGULIK ML on your android smart device.

install ngulik ml injector apk on android

Step 6. Open it and allow storage permissions.

How to Unlock Skins using NGULIK ML?

It is not a complicated process. Just follow.

Step 1. Open the app and on the home page, you can see the skins option.

Step 2. Go through it.

Step 3. Now, you should select the hero type (Assassin, Mage like that)

select hero type to unlock skins

Step 4. Once you chose the type and select the hero skin that you like.

inject ngulik ml skins to mobile legends

Step 5. It injects into the Mobile Legends game. Wait for a while.


How to Activate Drone View in Mobile Legends?

This feature is quite helpful in winning the game since you can see the opponents from where they were coming.

Step 1. Open the app.

Step 2. Tap on the “All Drone View” option.

Step 3. Chose the scale that you would like to play with.

activate drone map view on mobile legends

Step 4. Open Mobile Legends and you can see the view that you selected.

You can revert the changes that you made by taping the Backup/Norma option.

For the Brawl map, you should select the Drone for Brawl option.

Note: Drone Map is quite risky, and there is more chance to get a ban. So, use this option when you don’t care about your account.

Final Words

Ngulik ML Injector is an all in one tool for Mobile Legends and is recommended one for you if you are unconcerned about the account. Injection of skins is okay with this android app, but if you start utilizing more features of it, then there are more chances to get into the backlist.

Better to use this app in a virtual space.

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