EZ Month APK 2.50 Download with Latest Password (2023)

EZ Month APK is the best rival ML Injector to the EZ Stars, and It was developed by Yasin Gaming admin Ahmad Yasin. With this tool, you can unlock ML Skins, Emotes, Battle Effects, Rank Booster and more. Get the APK link from below.

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games are a delight and entertaining gaming solution that has subdued the world into an obsessive playing field. If there’s one thing these games have taught me, is that you need patience and skill to build yourself just as you would a character in any of these games.

One of these outstanding and awesome MOBA games is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang provides players with the opportunity to escape into a virtual gaming reality whereby they can train and bring up deadly fighters for a worldwide seasonal competition. While this game offers incredible features, we tend to rely on the aid of various supporters to help unlock some of the exciting ones like skins and effects that make the game extra fun. Injectors are excellent examples of such supporters and the EZ Month APK serves as one of the best options for the job.


What is EZ Month APK?

Have you ever heard of an injector? Well, in the virtual gaming realm, these are tools used to unlock various elements or features in a game such as the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that seem to be out of reach for some players without the necessary ranks. The EZ Month app takes up a similar concept as it enables players with the ML game on their android devices, to unlock skins for free as well as other in-game features like effects.

While it may seem like a sophisticated app, it is quite simple and straightforward because all you have to do is choose the type of feature or element within the game that you’d like to unlock and click on inject. The app will then perform the necessary adjustments to have your premium features ready once you re-enter your game.

Version Info

NameEZ Month
Size10 MB
DeveloperAhmad Yasin
Last Updated onJanuary 01, 2023

Download EZ Month APK Latest Version for Android

If you’re worried about your account being shortlisted among the possible bans after detection, you need not stress yourself anymore because the EZ Month APK also comes with anti-ban technology that safely allows you to inject your desired features into the game and have all the skins, as well as many other premium elements, unlocked.

The app also comes with its own YouTube channel that gives you tutorials on how to take advantage of it and use it to unlock many features within your game such as diamonds. There is no ban nor paid subscription for any of its services and you can download the latest version of the APK from the link provided below.

Password: 2803

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Simple Interface

You might not find any other application with a more straightforward interface as compared to the EZ Month APK. Once you’ve typed in the password provided by the developer, you’re immediately transferred to the menu screen where you can access exactly what you need without having to navigate through various categories or menus.

All Skins Unlocked


There are also skins available for almost all characters in the game, allowing you to get your hero into the appropriate battle suit. The hero skins supported include:

  • Tanks
  • Fighters
  • Assassins
  • Marksmen
  • Mages

Battle Emotes


They look like fun-sized cartoons and even come in different attires. Emotes are usually used on the battlefield and communicate different messages; thus, replacing the traditional typing method.

  • Feel energetic
  • Come and hit me
  • I appreciate you
  • I am back
  • Let me show you
  • Alter ego
  • Love ya

These and many others are some of the few messages that can be expressed using a single emote on the battlefield giving the overall game a thrilling experience.

Map Custom

The developers of EZ month APK have come up with various maps customized by its developers to give the players a new setting to battle in. These maps come in different colors and features; thus, creating an exciting form of diversity and allowing the gamers of Mobile Legends to discover something new every day.

EZ Month Rank Booster


The EZ Month APK also allows you to boost your game ranking; thus, enabling you to easily move on to the next season. Increase your damage abilities, enemy lag/ feeding times, auto-win, among others, just to give you the added advantage and put you at a better chance for a simpler victory.

More Features

Change Background

I was able to use EZ Month APK to unlock some epic background themes for all the above points in the game; thus, keeping me hooked to the game.

Spawn Effect

Imagine spawning using effects different from the default one. Not only with this built-up excitement in you, but it will also increase your charisma to fight harder. EZ Month APK offers users a variety of spawning effects to enjoy from.

Recall Effects

The application also added premium recalls for designed to add a touch of coolness into various characters.

Elimination Effects

After defeating an enemy there is always a need for celebration and Mobile legends offers fun-filled elimination effects for players. However, these are premium features within the game and EZ Month APK unlocks them for you to purchase easily and enjoy entertaining victories after every win.

Drone View

Expand your drone view to get a wider field of view for your enemies in various ratios like 2×3, 3z4, or even 4×5.

Final Words

The EZ Month APK is filled with lots of options that serve to make your ML gaming experience one of a kind by adding excitement and fun-filled features into your gameplay. With emotes, battle effects, character skins, among others, unlocked at your pleasure, you and your teammates will have ana awesome time conquering your opponents.

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